Social Media is huge in todays marketplace.  Influencers are a big part of this growth.  They have the ear of the their audience.  Leveraging this influence is key for any company because of the ROI.


As radio dies the podcast grow.  Podcasters target a specific audience and we are able to leverage that audience to push your product in front of people that are truly interested.


As people move away from traditional media they move towards the internet.  We capture those people by offering quality content on our sites. This is a perfect place to showcase your produces


Internet Focused Marketing

TV is dead.  Print is dead.   The internet is the future of ads and the future is now.  Internet ads let you target a specific group without being lost in the noise. At BSMG we have the streams to reach your customers.

Show your products off.

Product placement has been done in all mediums.  Now it is time to use that strategy on the Internet.  We can get your products into the hands of some of the top influencers in firearms.

Maximize your ROI now!


Next Steps...

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