Social Media is huge in todays marketplace.  Influencers are a big part of this growth.  They have the ear of the their audience.  Leveraging this influence is key for any company because of the ROI.

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As radio die podcast grow.  Podcasters target a specific audience and we are able to leverage that audience to push your product in front of people that are truly interested.

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As people move away from traditional media they move towards the internet.  We capture those people by offering quality content on our sites. This is a perfect place to showcase your produces

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Targeted Market Strategy

BSMG uses multiple streams to reach real customers.   We run podcast, blogs, review sites, video channels, and represent social media influencers.  Giving people quality content is our first order of business because this helps our streams grown while helping to spread messages of freedom and liberty.

This also allows us to reach a certain segment of the population that is passionate about the items and services that they purchase.  This segment is often overlooked and marginalized by the main stream media.

We help you reach this consumers by helping build a tailored made plan.  You can choose one stream or multiple streams.  It is up to you, but you will get a good rate of return while helping to spread the message of liberty, freedom, and patriotism

We are all American media.


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