Our Approach

We target the conservative/libertarian demographic of gun owners.  Targeting a single market lets us know what makes them tick so we can provide targeted campaigns that get results.  We leverage what we call streams.   Through a targeted campaign of multiple streams, we can get real results.

We use innovative techniques to get your message out.   Our streams include video, podcast, and websites, and social media influencers.  By understanding the technology as well as the market we are able to leverage sites like Instagram, Full30, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to get your product or service in front of real people.

Our Story

We came together after talking to people in the firearms industry and discovering that they were not getting a return on their investments in advertising.  We knew what worked for us, but we were not sure if it would work for others.  This sent us down a rabbit hole of research.

We discovered that traditional means of advertising doesn’t work anymore.  Even things like emails have a small return of investments over newer methods.  This leads us to examine the analytics of marketing campaigns, case studies, and the latest research into what works for other markets.

We then were able to craft this methodology towards products that sell well to gun lovers.  Currently, there are 43% of Americans that own guns and this market are underserved by the mainstream media so they seek out entertainment and information on the internet.

We leverage this fact to target them by creating unique streams.  BSMG currently leverages Podcast, video sites such as YouTube and Full30, news sites, and social media influencers to reach customers.   These are our streams and we can build a custom ad package for your product or service.